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Get the most out of your health insurance. 

Verification has never been easier.

Let us make it easy for you; give us your information, and we will take care of the rest. 

Get Verified

We make it easy to get verified.

We make it easy to get verified.

Getting started on a healthier diet has never been easier.

Put your health insurance to work for you.

How easy it is to verify health insurance? The answer is that it depends on the insurance company. Some insurance companies have an online portal that dietitians can use to verify coverage. Others require dietitians to call the customer service number on the back of the insurance card. Still, others may require dietitians to submit a request in writing. The process can be time-consuming, but it is generally not difficult, and we are happy to help.

In most cases, all that is required is the dietitian’s name, date of birth, and insurance policy number. Once the dietitian has this information, he or she can usually get verification within an hour.

Some Questions You May Have

Some Answers That Can Help

Does insurance cover my sessions?

Most insurance plans will cover nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy. Oftentimes, our services are covered at 100%–HOORAY! Here at Anderson’s Nutrition, we do accept insurance. We will bill your insurance for you, however, you are responsible to know and understand your benefits. See the questions below that you can use when contacting your insurance. Due to COVID-19 most plans are covering telehealth. 

How Does Insurance Work?

In-Network– We will bill your insurance directly and will bill you for any deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance that your insurance does not cover.

Out of Network– No problem! We are happy to bill your insurance even if you only have out-of-network benefits. The cost of the appointment will be collected from you at the time of the visit and you will be issued a refund once we receive payment from the insurance company. Oftentimes, you will receive a full refund. *Please note that some insurance companies will reimburse you directly.

Preventative VS Medical

There is a difference between preventive and medically necessary. You will want to ask what coverage looks like for both. Some policies will cover so many visits for medical and you can get more visits for preventative.

How many visits do I get?

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