The Dietitian's Office

About Samantha Hufford, RD, LD, CDCSE

Registered Dietician & Certified Diabetes Care Education Specialist serving Kentucky

Samantha Hufford, RD, LD, CDCSE

Samantha Hufford, RD, LD, CDCES, is passionate about the role that great nutrition plays in daily health and wellness. Through her work at The Dietitian's Office, Sam enjoys having a direct, positive impact on Bowling Green, Kentucky residents who entrust her with their care. 

Education has always been a guiding force in Sam’s life. She studied at the University of Missouri in Columbia and the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, earning a Bachelor of Science. Sam brings a wealth of experience to her practice as a registered and licensed dietician. She also holds the designation of Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES).

Sam finds her work deeply rewarding and enjoys practicing in an environment that allows her to connect one-on-one with those in her care. She loves watching patients improve their daily quality of life and partnering with them to set and achieve goals. 

Sam’s clinical experience includes extensive work in diabetes care in addition to nutrition services. She is also an educator in diabetes and has extensive knowledge of chronic disease management. 

As a registered dietician nutritionist, Sam offers highly customized services that align with each patient’s unique needs. She creates dynamic treatment plans that include the flexibility needed to remain effective. 

A native of Missouri, Sam chose to put down roots in the Bowling Green area. When not working with patients, Sam loves exploring new cookbooks and expanding her skills in the kitchen while connecting with her daughter. She takes great pleasure in life's simple pleasures, including the holidays and changing of seasons.