The Dietitian's Office

C MELISSA S. | Oct 24, 2023
Learn something new every time we talk.

DONALD S. | Oct 15, 2023
Easy going meetings Situational Insights are useful and recommendations are fruitful Thanks

PETER G. | Oct 13, 2023
Mrs Maria is very helpful at helping me to find what I need. She is very knowledgeable and very supportive

TIMOTHY B. | Sep 28, 2023
Maria is great, she’s like a friend, I look forward to our session.

SUE S. | Sep 21, 2023
Maria does a good job easy to understand

MARK W. | Sep 13, 2023
Maria is amazing!!! I have a long list of food allergies and was feeling really frustrated with finding alternatives to the foods I once enjoyed. I decided to reach it to The Dietitian Office and was introduced to Maria. I feel she was the support I needed to work through the dietary restrictions I have. Not only did she help me with finding alternatives to foods i once enjoyed, but she helped change my mindset. Once we got the food choices under control, we moved on to exercise. She has given me so many helpful recommendations that work well with my busy life style. I once again feel like I'm in control of my life and my body. Maria has helped me more than she knows, to which I am so grateful for.

A O. | Sep 07, 2023
Maria is Knowledgeable,has ,helpful suggestions, and it’s always a pleasure to spend some time with her.

JUDITH K. | Aug 19, 2023
Fantastic lady! Never think you're too old to learn. I'm in my 70's and Maria has helped me get my health on the right track . Very knowledgeable lady.

GLENDA P. | Aug 14, 2023
I have learned some value information about my eating habits and now are forming more healthy habits to live by.....

DOUGLAS K. | Jul 29, 2023
Very friendly and helpful

DEBORAH B. | Jul 21, 2023
She’s been very helpful on the things I need to eat sent me information on stuff I need to drink after my surgery

SHELLEY N. | Jul 08, 2023
"I love working with my personal dietician from MNT, Inc. It has helped me find ways to reduce swelling with my Lymphedema & to eat better to improve physical endurance!"

Teri A.
"Enjoyable, informative, I look forward to future counseling."

Kelly A.
"Very professional, very friendly and helped me more than I could have imagined. Thank you MNT!"

Dusty W.